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ELMAS RAMoptim Dynamic v4.3 Released

ELMAS v4.3 contains all basic features and tools for modeling and analysis of RAM.

Version with support for company specified installation
• Modules: Modeling, Analysis, RAMoptim and RAMoptim Dynamic
• Finnish and English localisation
• Finnish manual
• Registration tool

Dynamic simulation and analysis
• Process parameters and simulation code init for nodes
• Dynamic simulation tool
• Reporting of defined results
• Batch process simulation

Static simulation and analysis
• Failure and Repair information input using distributions
• Basic reliability and availability results
• Conditional results
• Importance measures
• Risk analysis
• Line efficiency and breaks analysis
• Maintenance analysis
• Stress and usage profiles

• Fault tree modeling (Condition gate, Probability gate)
• Block diagram modeling (Reliability block diagram, Production line efficiency modeling)
• Consequence tree modeling
• Possibility to create multi-level models
• References from other projects

Network version
• Saving and loading projects from server
• User handling
• User groups handling
• User rights handling

Summary tools
• HTML-tree
• Table
• Excel file reading