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ELMAS RAMoptim Dynamic v4.2 Released

As a result of ELMAS 4 development versions created ELMAS v4.2 contains all basic features for modeling and analysis of RAM. After this ELMAS development is focused on creation of new tools and features to the software. Basic features are improved only if they in some way do not satisfy the expectations of the customers.

First ELMAS 4 public release
• Modeling, Analysis, RAMoptim and RAMoptim Dynamic
• Finnish and English localisation
• Finnish manual

Dynamic simulation and analysis
• Parameter init for nodes
• Simulation code init for nodes
• Simulation tool
• Reporting of defined results

Static simulation and analysis
• Failure and Repair information input using distributions
• Basic results
• Conditional results
• Importance measures
• Risk analysis
• Line efficiency analysis
• Line breaks analysis

• Fault tree modeling (Condition gate, Probability gate)
• Block diagram modeling (Reliability block diagram, Production line efficiency modeling)
• Event tree modeling
• Possibility to create multi-level models

Network version
• Saving and loading projects from server
• User handling
• User groups handling
• Project user rights handling

Summary tools
• HTML-tree
• Table
• Excel file reading

Registration tool