Wärtsilä: Designing availability in research and product development projects of Fuel Cell and Diesel motors: (Read more: Case Wärtsilä)
Nokian Renkaat
Nokian Renkaat: Dependability analyses for process lines, development of OEE management and enhancing the usability of the CMMS:
Posiva: Risk assessment and management utilizing ELMAS. Risk analyses based on design review process:
Pöyry: Demanding dependability and risk analyses for various industries. ELMAS is also chosen as the main method in risk evaluations for construction projects:
Caverion (former YIT Industry Ltd): i.a. development of maintenance outsourcing services, evaluation of process efficiency, dynamic simulation models and criticality analyses:
Efora: Risk analyses, dynamic simulation models and developing maintenance outsourcing:
CERN: ELMAS is used for modelling the collider systems and simulating the particle acceleration process. The analyses aim to find the possibilities to improve the current particle collider system. Read more from FCC study page: Reliability and availability are key quality attributes
Helen: Identifying and analyzing technical risks of district cooling and heating plants through ELMAS dependability analyses:
Raute: Analyzing dependability risks of veneer production and improving maintenance data collection to support the development of process devices and management of LCC:
Fortum: Sustaining and developing safety, availability and performance factors. RCM analyses in Loviisa nuclear plant: