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Ramentor has developed RCM module to the ELMAS software to support effective RCM-based analysis used for maintenance development. Together with the visual modeling and versatile simulation functions found in ELMAS, ELMAS RCM is an exceptionally flexible and user friendly RCM tool.

The list below represents the seven basic questions that RCM analysis aims to answer. The link found after the list contains a document thoroughly explaining how the RCM steps are created with ELMAS software in an effective and user friendly manner.

  1. What are the functions and performance standards of the object in its current operational environment?
  2. What will happen if the object fails (which functions will not be available)?
  3. What causes the lack or insufficiency of each function of the object?
  4. What happens when each failure occurs?
  5. What damages will each failure cause?
  6. What can be done to detect each failure early enough or to prevent it from happening?
  7. What must be done if a suitable preventive task cannot be found?

Learn to know the ELMAS FMEA-RCM methodology thoroughly from the pdf-document below (unfortunately available only in Finnish).