Design. Analyze. Optimize.

RAM Products

RAM = Reliability, Availability, Maintainability

RAM software family has been developed to work as a tool for equipment and systems during their whole life cycle. It includes analysis and modeling tools for design, production and maintenance, and also continuous development of the process.

Currently RAM software family consists of two different software:


ELMAS - Modeling and analysis of event logic. Simulation and optimization tool for system dependability and costs.

StockOptim - Spare part storage design and cost optimization. Tool for optimizing stock strategies and ensuring dependability.

Previously the following software were developed as individuals:

  • RAMalloc - Defining and managing dependability requirements. Tool for equipment and system design for defining and focusing dependability requirements.
  • RAMoptim - Optimizing dependability and costs. Tool for developing dependability, maintenance and its cost efficiency.
and nowadays they have been integrated as parts of ELMAS software. Using the same user interface makes analyzing and optimizing dependability, maintenance and costs even more efficient.

Dependability (RAM) and uncertainty management

ELMAS Process Analysis Demo Video

Key benefits

  • Modeling systems and subsystems, and predicting life cycle costs (LCC) and resource needs
  • Utilizing existing failure data and expert knowledge for system optimization
  • Possible to optimize system reliability, availability, maintenance actions and costs already in the design phase
  • Improves customer satisfaction
    • quick problem solving
    • preventing failures from reappearing
    • defining dependability requirements (subcontracts, investments)
  • Improves productivity and efficiency
    • by knowing the causes of problems they can be solved in a preventive manner
    • more resources will be available when planning everything right with the first try
  • More effective data collection
  • Systematic operations model

Reliability, Availability, Maintainability -