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Spare Part Storage

Available spare part storage training packages:

Spare part storage optimization

One important part of RAM management is to ensure the availability of spare parts that are critical for the system operation. This training phase addresses the challenges and risks involved in the spare part storage management as a part of overall RAM management. The training goes through e.g. the variables of storing strategy, balancing between dependability risks and storage costs, and factors affecting spare part availability. The purpose of the training is to provide a clear understanding on the effect that spare part storage has on dependability and to represent methods for utilization of storage history data and managing storage strategy under the set dependability requirements.

Training package contents:

  • Variables in storing strategy
  • Effect of spare part storage on dependability
  • Utilizing storage history data on spare part usage
  • Balancing between storing costs and RAM

Recommended for: Reliability engineers, storage supervisors, purchasing department responsibles

StockOptim tool training

StockOptim training provides basic skills on using StockOptim software that is a tool used for spare part storage optimization. Training includes e.g. optimizing storage strategy on single stock items, mass optimization of several stock items and skills involving utilization, censoring and import of history data.

Training package contents:

  • Optimizing single stock items
  • Mass optimization of several stock items
  • Utilization of storage history data
  • Defining storage service rate

Recommended for: Reliability and development engineers, storage supervisors and planners

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