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RAM management

Available RAM (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability) training packages:

Basics of RAM

Basics of RAM, which is also known as dependability, is always recommended as a part of every training entity. Understanding of concepts and principles behind dependability, reliability and risk management improves cooperation amongst the whole organization. The training provides important basic knowledge to support different analysis methods even for more experienced reliability and development engineers.

Training package contents:

  • RAM concepts
  • Meaning of RAM for the organization
  • Basics of reliability calculations
  • Basics of analysis methods
  • Risk assessment
  • Utilization of RAM calculations

Recommended for: Great info package for the whole organization

Design for RAM (Greenfield)

During the design phase the dependability of systems can be improved significantly with small investments. This training represents the most effective methods for considering and improving dependability during the traditional design process. The utilization of these methods will be learned through practical examples including reliability (Design for Reliability), availability (Design for Availability), maintainability (Design for Maintainability) and life-cycle costs (LCC) related cases.

Training package contents:

  • Design for RAM (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability)
  • RAM as a part of design process
  • Managing and certifying availability requirements
  • Calculating the effect of improvement actions
  • Optimizing life-cycle costs (LCC)

Recommended for: Design engineers and reliability, maintenance and service engineers taking part in design projects

Continuous RAM development (Brownfield)

When managing dependability of systems that are already at the operational state the focus moves from significant design alterations to identifying the improvement potentials of equipment and justifying different investments and improvement actions for them. The training package goes through the best methods for identifying dependability improvement targets and comparing the effects of different improvement actions. The basis for improvement effect calculations is created by utilizing the available history data and expert knowledge as effectively as possible.

Training package contents:

  • RAM as a part of maintenance and process operations
  • Identifying improvement targets
  • Calculating the effect of improvement actions
  • Justification of investments based on cost calculations
  • Utilizing available history data and developing its quality

Recommended for: Reliability, process and development engineers, maintenance and service work planners

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