Design. Analyze. Optimize.


This training goes through the basics and utilization of ELMAS software. ELMAS (Event Logic Modeling and Analysis Software) is a professional tool created for RAM management and optimization. The training agenda of ELMAS trainings will always be customized based on the company needs and previous ELMAS experience of the users. It can be held for both beginners or advanced users, and it can go through one tool module more thoroughly (FTA, RBD, FMEA, RCM, criticality classification, dynamic simulation etc.) or the basics concerning several modules. Each ELMAS training will include also going through some practical examples that will be selected based on the needs and industrial sector of the target company.

Training package contents:

  • Basics of different ELMAS modules (FTA, RBD, FMEA, RCM etc.)
  • Advanced training of the selected modules
  • Modeling and drawing qualities
  • Input data
  • Simulation and analysis tools
  • Importing history data and reporting results

Recommended for: Reliability and development engineers

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