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StockOptim - Optimizing stock levels and storage costs

Spare part storage sizing is a part of risk management that is closely connected to dependability concept through the supportability of the system equipment. The goal of StockOptim software is to minimize the costs coming from storing and at the same time making sure that the supportability of the critical equipment will stay on a adequate level.

The calculation of StockOptim software is based on the simulation of the spare part storage operation. Storage simulation allows us to locate the costs coming from storing in a versatile and accurate manner. It also provides an effective method for finding an optimal storage strategy concerning overall costs.

Benefits coming from using StockOptim software:

  • Significantly reducing the capital costs coming from storing
  • Provides reliable information about storing due to the fact that all the costs connected to it are taken into account
  • Provides optimum values for the reorder point, order size and preorder time of stock item
  • Possibility to focus on the spare part availability of critical equipment
  • Helps developing new cost-effective storing solutions
  • Helps comparing different suppliers
  • Provides a tool for continuously developing dependability and storage management