Design. Analyze. Optimize.

RAMoptim - Optimizing of dependability and maintenance costs

RAMoptim has been developed for dependability and maintenance planning and for maintenance costs optimization. The best benefit is achieved by optimizing the most critical parts of the process concerning its operation and costs.

The goal is to optimize dependability and the formation of costs. Optimization is carried out by simulating a reliable prediction for the failure probability and repair and waiting times of the system, and by calculating a prediction for the need and the costs of the maintenance resources. The optimization is also affected by the prediction for the effects of the failures and services for the system behaviour.

Nowadays RAMoptim is integrated as a part of ELMAS software. By using the same user interface it is now even more efficient to analyze and optimize dependability, maintenance and costs.

RAMoptim strives to find the answers for the following questions:

  • Is the volume of the maintenance right?
  • For which targets should the maintenance actions be focused?
  • What are the maintenance actions that should be done?
  • Are the maintenance actions performed at the right moment?

Often by making small changes in the right targets can significantly affect the dependability and the costs.

RAMoptim can help locating the following actions for the system and its parts to enhance the operation of the overall process:

  • Reducing the failure tendency of critical targets by e.g. developing maintenance program or replacing the equipment for a more reliable one
  • Improving the maintainability of the equipment and therefore decreasing the repair time
  • Developing the maintenance strategy so that a certain equipment can be repaired while others are running
  • Adding alternative equipment to critical locations or building the system in a totally different way