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RAMalloc - Management of RAM requirements

Very often design errors at the very beginning of a product development will lead to tremendous financial losses at later stages of the process. RAMalloc application aims to ease the burden of the designer in this critical initial stage by forcing him to take into consideration the fundamental aspects of reliability, and to gather the right kind of information from the customers. With the help of this application RAM requirements derived from the needs of customers and manufacturers can be allocated to the parts of the system.

RAMalloc has the following work steps:

  • Creation of a fault tree (ELMAS)
  • Specification of RAM requirements for the TOP node (repair time, availability/reliability)
  • Definition of failure expenses (property, environment, human and business damage)
  • Definition of failure causes of the syste,
  • Definition of maintenance restrictions (e.g. is it necessary to stop TOP node during the repair)
  • Simulation
  • Evaluation of the results which can lead to iteration or to a next allocation round (if needed)

The key benefits coming from the use of RAMalloc:

  • RAM requirements for subsystems based on the requirements for the whole system (TOP)
  • No more unrealistic RAM requirements e.g. in the subcontracting phase
  • Increases cooperation and helps negotiations between customers, manufacturers and subcontractors
  • Problems concerning dependability can be solved before they even arise