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Company in Brief

Ramentor is a private software and expertise company founded in 2006 and based in Tampere, Finland.

We develop and deploy Reliability, Availability and Maintainability (RAM) software products by combining the actual customer needs and the latest research in the field with proven technology. Respectively, we also provide training and application services concerning the products and the methods.

Our goal is to become the leading expert in the field of RAM management methods and tools.

Our customers include major technology, manufacturing and industrial service companies, both locals and those with global coverage, all seeking for systematic approach on RAM management.

Our business partners today are Tampere University of Technology and CERN for the research and development. We are actively seeking for new partnerships on all areas. However, Ramentor is independent on technology and markets, and no exclusivity is granted on products.

Ramentor is owned by its operative management and the board members.

Ramentor employees, the RAM Team, hold Dr. and M.Sc. degrees in software development, applied mathematics, industrial automation and maintenance technology from Finnish universities of technology, and all together over 30 years of experience in dependability planning and various tool applications in industry.